Article Processing Charges

Science Advances is an open access journal supported by article processing charges (APCs).

Licensing options

Authors may choose to publish under one of two Creative Commons licenses: CC BY or CC BY-NC. The CC BY license allows users to freely distribute, adapt, or reuse articles, including for commercial purposes. The CC BY-NC license allows users to distribute, adapt, or reuse articles for non-commercial purposes while commercial use requires prior permission.

Article processing charges

The base APC for articles published under a CC BY-NC license is $3,000. The base APC for articles published under a CC BY license is $4,000. Several discounts or surcharges may apply.

Discounts and surcharges

Significant discounts are available for corresponding authors who are members of AAAS and/or those who are located at institutions that license or subscribe to AAAS journals.

AAAS members receive a 4% discount on APCs. For a CC BY-NC article, the member discount is $120.

Corresponding authors at institutions that license or subscribe to AAAS journals may receive up to a 30% discount. For a CC BY-NC article, the maximum discount is $900. The discount is based on institutional holdings. Authors at institutions that subscribe to all AAAS products, the complete Science collection, receive the maximum discount. Authors at institutions that do not have the complete Science collection can save 5% or $150 for each resource subscription.

Surcharges may apply for authors selecting to publish under a CC BY license ($1,000 surcharge) or those whose articles are more than 15 pages in length ($1,500). In the event that additional space is necessary to properly convey findings or ensure reproducibility, the page-length surcharge may be waived at the discretion of the editor.

With discounts and surcharges, we expect that most authors will pay a per-article fee of between $2,200 and $2,700 in the first two years.

AAAS may offer full APC waivers upon request to authors in the developing world. Additionally, full or partial waivers may be available to those experiencing financial hardships.

Promotional discounts will also be available to Science Advances’ first authors. Discounts are compounded and applied in order from greatest to least.

Please contact Science Advances’ business office if you have APC, discount, license, or waiver questions.

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